Toddler Groups at Woodhouse Eaves Methodist Church

Children attending these groups remain the responsibility of an accompanying parent or carer who must remain with them.

End of an era

December 2021

Hello everyone. I'm sorry this has taken so long, but there's been a lot to arrange. I am retiring and handing over to Victoria who hopes to restart the group on Thursday 6th January - covid restrictions allowing! Victoria has started a Facebook page - so that will be the place to look for up to date information.

So it's goodbye from me, it's been great knowing you all over the 17 years I've been doing the toddler group. I have many happy memories and I shall really miss you all. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported. I couldn't have done it on my own.


The groups

Toddler Gym

Did meet on Wednesdays. Sorry, due to insurance difficulties this is no longer functioning.

Play and Praise

This meets on Thursdays. Please see the Facebook page.